I'm a coach's wife, telling a story the best I know how. It's important and I want to get it right! Jump on the train quick for the Temple Wildcats are gathering steam! Their destination is unknown but their desire is for greatness. Prayerfully join us as God unfolds a new chapter. They've all been good but I won't be surprised if He's saved the best for last!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

THS Wildcats 55 - Killeen Ellison 48

 Friday night, under the lights of Leo Buckley Stadium, it was a battle. The Wildcats
got off to a slow start and struggled to gain momentum. In short, they scored, then we scored all night long. Confident we'd iron it out and win in the end, I paniced at the end of the 4th quarter when I looked at the score board and saw it was 48 - 48 with 16 seconds left in the game. Yikes! That's way to close for comfort but apparently that's the way these Cats like to play. So I guess I better get use to it! This is one tough district we're playing in and it's far from over. Which makes for some pretty good football games. Just the way we like in Texas. What better way to spend a Friday Night! The Temple Wildcats are alive and kicking in district 8-5A! Setting offensive records week after week. Say a prayer for our hardworking defense as they continue to establish themselves into an effective powerhouse.

In the end the Wildcats pulled off a WIN, making us 3-1 in District play. I love this team and all they are trying to do. I hope you'll join me in cheering them onto victory by seeing the best in them. Encouraging them for all the good things they  have done and are doing. That will give them space and grace to work things out. Know one wants it more than the team. No one has infested more than them. It's year to play and our turn to watch. Let's stand up proud and make some noise so they can hear us!   

Saturday, October 13, 2012



Friday night, after battling under the lights in a sold out crowd at Wildcat Stadium, the BIG BLUE THS WILDCATS edged out the Belton Tigers in a 50 to 44 win. Earning again for the second cosecutive year, Bell County bragging rights. This exciting game was enough to make our fans roar! Now makes the CATS 2-1 in District play. Congratulations to the entire staff and team! You work, prepare and play with a lot og heart!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Panther Attack! Waco Midway - 62 vs. THS - 20 :(

The Wildcats held their own in the first half on the game and hit the locker rooms with the score 21 – 20, Waco Midway.
It’s during halftime when the Big BLUE typically make crucial adjustments and seal the deal in the second half. However, that was not the case last night. The remainder of the game can beside be described in two words. PANTHER ATTACK.

Obviously, Waco Midway is good. They played Lake Travis in the State Championship Game, last December. They, like South Lake Carroll, are the kind of team the Wildcats are working hard to be.
We've still got a lot of work to do!

Last night was painful and ugly. This morning it still is...

It’s a good day to encourage a wildcat.

Monday, October 1, 2012

WILDCATS WIN, 69 - 37!

All Photos by Matt Corley.Stats and info from Greg Willie, Temple Daily News.
Friday night, with a high percentage of rain in the
forecast, the BIG BLUE took Killeen Shoemaker,
by storm!
Temple Quarterback Zach Allen had 8 touchdowns!
The Wildcat Defense held Shoemaker star Johnny
Jefferson to 59 yards rushing – 189 below the Baylor
commitment’s average.
“ We needed that. That was a rebound game for
us,”said Temple coach Mike Spradlin, whose team
has scored 118 points in home wins over Austin
Westlake and Shoemaker (1 – 3).
“ We had a great week of practice, and just focusing
on execution prepares you for the game. It was a
great game for us.”
Zach Allen, the Syracuse committee was 12-0f-18
passing for 271 yards, again with no interceptions.
He threw touchdown passes of 40 and 24 to
Erik Arizmendi, 56 yards to Hemphill, 30 to Kaelan
Neely and 18 to Chad President.
Allen also ran nine times for 100 yards and scores
of 49, 17 and 5 yards.
The Wildcat’s defense played great. They had one goal.
Stop, Jefferson and they did it!

Next up: Temple “BIG BLUE” Wildcats will play undefeated Waco Midway, next Friday, in Waco. See you there!