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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coaching Kim!

In case you have some how missed the news, our daughter Kim is currently playing on the 24th
season of Survivor. If I do say so myself she is doing a great job of staying under the radar and out of the kill zone. However, close observations might allow you to see a quiet leader emerging.

Believe me when I say this girl KNOWS what she is doing. Growing up with an awsome dad, who just happens to be an excellent coach, has given Kim a huge advantage! She is athletic, disciplined, determined and delightful! A team player, as well as a leader. She knows how to listen. She knows how to motivate! Afterall, she learned from one of the best!
Last night she took steady aim.

And hit her target (second from the bottom)!
We couldn't be prouder of the way Kim is playing this game! More importantly, the way she is living her life. I hope you are watching and cheering her on. If not you can catch up at www.cbs.com/shows/survior
You can also visit www.kimspradlin.blogspot.com/ the official fan headquarters, facillitated by
Kim's #1 fan, sister Beth! If you hurry over, you can enter to win a TEAM KIM T shirt!