I'm a coach's wife, telling a story the best I know how. It's important and I want to get it right! Jump on the train quick for the Temple Wildcats are gathering steam! Their destination is unknown but their desire is for greatness. Prayerfully join us as God unfolds a new chapter. They've all been good but I won't be surprised if He's saved the best for last!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Quarterback Club!

Last night Coach spoke at the Quarterback Club.

They meet on Monday night at 7:30 at Clem Mikeska's B-B-Q, on 57th street.

Clem is a fine man, known far and wide. Famous people love his food.

The restaurant, inside and out looks fabulous...compliments to Angela and Anna! You girls are talented!

Look closely at the upper left of this photo. That's where the Quarterback Club meets.

What a great group of men! Boy! I love this town! Everyone is so nice. Coach and I really enjoyed it and appreciated, very much, the large crowd that turned out~ Thanks folks for you patience and support. See you next week.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cat Fight!

Click here for the whole story!

Wow! What a rough night! Hot, with no breeze, is not my favorite football weather but when

the Wildcats went in at halftime I wasn't complaining. Sweating, but not complaining! 27 - 17.

It was a good start! With flashes of brilliance every now and then. Certainly something to give a

fan hope for the future. Plenty of good stuff happening, on and off the field.

As a spectator, my first Temple High School football game, was a winner! I'm happy to report

the fans are alive and well in Temple Texas, whether they're home are not. What a great turn

out! Wildcat's, you travel well! I couldn't have felt prouder to be apart of you. Impressed by your

passion and enthusiasm, I look forward to the journey ahead. It takes us all to build a team

of champions. Fans play a big role. Your heart is spoken through your words and your words are

powerful. They give life to young ears. Hope to hearts and strength to the soul. I love you

already, without even knowing you because you care. Proudly about your past. Tradition is

so importantly but more importantly, you care about your future.

I have never played football but I can only imagine the thrill those young men

feel, playing this honored game in your 'loud-proud' presence!

It's been a year of starting over. They are never easy. Requiring countless hours. Undying

commitment and staggering energy. It's exhausting (need I mention the heat)! It's a work ethic

that leaves me looking for the nearest Sonic! Thank goodness I'm just a fan watching from a far,

like other fans, thankful that the Wildcats success isn't counting on me.

WOW! You 'Cat's' know how to work!

So, inspite of all their hard work, it's back to the weight room. They'll be watching the game film

and seeing for themselves what we saw last night and perfecting their craft all

season long....one game at a time. In the meantime, while they figure it all out, I hope you will

join me in big collective, 'Keep up the good work, guys!'..........(and girls).....A HUGE thanks to

Coach Prentiss, Coach Skrabanek and their amazing, Student Trainers.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall 2011- Opening Game, Temple vs. Pfluggerville

Photo - Josh Quinn Temple Daily News

Finally, it's here! The 2011 Temple Wildcat Football Season. Since Coach took the HC/ AD job in February, it's been 'full steam ahead' for the entire staff and team. Ask anyone involved not a minute has been wasted. Determination and commitment has ignited a common goal! Win the day. Hard work has paid off. Strength and discipline are transforming bodies and minds. It's time to play!

So when these guys hit the field, Friday night, I'll be cheering loud and proud for my new favorite team!

Scrimmage Highlights!


I love this photo taken last Friday, by Josh Quinn, at Temple's 1st scrimmage. It's amazing what shows up in a photo! I mean, there is just a lot of grabbing and groping that you don't see from the stands. Too bad I haven't unpacked my binoculars yet!

Click the link provided to read all about it in the Temple Daily News. Thanks TDN and all you sports writers for your excellent coverage of high school sports.

Hope to see you tomorrow night at the Pfluggerville game at 7:30. Wildcat fans please excuse me if I stand up and yell a lot! The team loves it when the fans roar, so fell free to join me where ever you sit. It takes everyone to make a winning team! Together, we can raise them high!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wildcat Wives!

Katie Galusha, Vanessa Berna and Cassi Dunnam- enjoying the Girls Night Out!

Last week I moved out the furniture and set up tables and chairs for the annual 'girls night out'

that I give each year to the football coaches wives.

I looked forward to this event all year long. Gathering up inexpensive treasures to fill up these vintage locker baskets.

The menu was planned early in the week:

A colorful salad of red cabbage, fresh pineapple, cilantro, green onion, fresh peppers.
King Ranch Chicken w/ guacamole and Julio's chips
Black Beans
Vanilla ice cream with Hot Fudge and toasted pecans

Anything that could be made ahead of time was. (I'm not much fun when I get frazzled)

A special thanks to my organized sister for the fifty phone calls I made for help. She's a jewel!

We had a wonderful evening getting aquainted...such a lovely group of ladies. Sipping Limeade and Fresca through striped paper straws, Coach Spradlin, by my request gave us a 'pep talk' and encouraging words to help us through the months ahead.

We laughed and chatted for several hours. Plotting and planning some future fun.

And when it was time to go home, we were friends. A sisterhood of coaches wives. Ready and excited to cheer the Wildcats on to success. I hope you won't mind if we standing up and cheer a lot!

We're big fans of our husbands and respect what they do. We're excited for the young men they coach and their future lives that will be directly influenced by their hard work and lessons learned. So you can count on us to make lot's of noise at the games because we're convinced that there is a lot to cheer about!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Scrimmage Tonight!

It's been a busy past few months. A lot has happened since Coach Spradlin, arrived in Temple, last February. A new staff is in place. The kids have worked hard, all summer long. The administration has been awesome. The community, amazing! We couldn't be happier! The team is stronger. A lot of progress has been made. The Wildcat's first game is next Friday in Pfluggerville. Needless to say the team is excited and getting ready to take the field.

Tonight, the Freshman, JV and Varsity will scrimmage in Wildcat Stadium. It's going to be plenty warm but you might want to come on out and watch the team. Varsity will start about 7:00.

Thanks, in advance, for encouragement and support! Go Wildcats!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today was the first day of the 2011 football season. Coaches met at 5:30.
Players at 6:00…some were early and suited up by 5:45. It was still dark.
At 6:20, the temperature was 80 degrees, that when practice officially began.
Enthusiasm was in the air as 150 JV/Varsity players divided into their
respective groups. Scattered all over the practice field everyone was moving.
Drills were crisp. Everyone seemed excited. Hopeful. Definitely worth
getting up for! I’m so glad I went.

end of july first of august 050

(X’s & O’s on our chalkboard coffee table).

I don’t much about football but I know a lot about relationships and that’s
what the game of football is all about. It’s also about discipline,
hard work, sacrifice and investment.

end of july first of august 053

(Flying Tackle, a gift from Clint and Jenny).

That’s why I’m a fan of the game.
The combination of all of the above, properly applied, will transform
a life forever.

end of july first of august 049

(A new message is on the chalkboard on our porch.)

I love football.