I'm a coach's wife, telling a story the best I know how. It's important and I want to get it right! Jump on the train quick for the Temple Wildcats are gathering steam! Their destination is unknown but their desire is for greatness. Prayerfully join us as God unfolds a new chapter. They've all been good but I won't be surprised if He's saved the best for last!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wildcat Wives!

Katie Galusha, Vanessa Berna and Cassi Dunnam- enjoying the Girls Night Out!

Last week I moved out the furniture and set up tables and chairs for the annual 'girls night out'

that I give each year to the football coaches wives.

I looked forward to this event all year long. Gathering up inexpensive treasures to fill up these vintage locker baskets.

The menu was planned early in the week:

A colorful salad of red cabbage, fresh pineapple, cilantro, green onion, fresh peppers.
King Ranch Chicken w/ guacamole and Julio's chips
Black Beans
Vanilla ice cream with Hot Fudge and toasted pecans

Anything that could be made ahead of time was. (I'm not much fun when I get frazzled)

A special thanks to my organized sister for the fifty phone calls I made for help. She's a jewel!

We had a wonderful evening getting aquainted...such a lovely group of ladies. Sipping Limeade and Fresca through striped paper straws, Coach Spradlin, by my request gave us a 'pep talk' and encouraging words to help us through the months ahead.

We laughed and chatted for several hours. Plotting and planning some future fun.

And when it was time to go home, we were friends. A sisterhood of coaches wives. Ready and excited to cheer the Wildcats on to success. I hope you won't mind if we standing up and cheer a lot!

We're big fans of our husbands and respect what they do. We're excited for the young men they coach and their future lives that will be directly influenced by their hard work and lessons learned. So you can count on us to make lot's of noise at the games because we're convinced that there is a lot to cheer about!

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