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Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet the Collins family!

Recently Lamar Collins, a highly sought after educational speaker, walked into the TISD Athletic office as a parent and walked out as a coach . His daughter Alexis, an incoming freshman, had just made cheerleader and he was dropping by to pay for her uniform. Coach Spradlin, impressed by Collins bright disposition, introduced himself and struck up a conversation. Lamar, shared that he began his career in the U.S. Army and after completing his enlistment, he attended the University of Mary Hardin Baylor, earning a degree in education. Coach Collins, hired by KileenISD, taught math and coached for several years. It was during this time that his ability to connect with individuals of various ages, ethnicity's and education levels was recognized and he became an effective speaker for Worth the Wait, an abstinence education program. In 2008, he earned his MPA from Texas State University.

Coach Spradlin, quickly recognizing excellence, wasted no time asking Lamar Collins, if he would consider joining the THS faculty and Wildcat coaching staff.

I'd love to hear this story from Coach Collin's perspective. Maybe someday I will. According to Coach Spradlin, Lamar said he had missed coaching but would like to discuss it with his wife Rose. He left and said he'd be back. Turns out, Rose was waiting in the car! I can only imagine what she was thinking...

Ten minutes later, while Coach Spradlin was updating principal, Jason Bullock, Lamar Collins walked back in the door and accepted his offer.

Later that night, as Coach shared this story, we smiled. Our hearts celebrated in silent praise to a faithful God who never ceases to amaze!

Coach Collins, has a beautiful wife, Rose (She is special too!) and their adorable family! Have you ever seen a cutier family? I love this picture! What joy!

Their oldest daughter Alexis, a 9th at Temple High. She will be a cheerleader, participate in track, cross country, volleyball and band. Alyssa, an 8th grade at Lamar, will participate in basketball, track, cross country, volleyball and band. Aliyah, a 7th at Lamar Middle School, will play in the band and run track. Their son Lamar Jr. (aka TJ) will be entering the 2nd grade at Kennedy Powell. All of the Collins kids are on the A-B Honor. They are also very active in church. The girls have a singing group called Triple A and are talented preformers. They travel and sing all around the state and write their own songs.

Please welcome the Collins family! This well known Temple family will be a valuable addition to Temple High School and Wildcat Football!

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