I'm a coach's wife, telling a story the best I know how. It's important and I want to get it right! Jump on the train quick for the Temple Wildcats are gathering steam! Their destination is unknown but their desire is for greatness. Prayerfully join us as God unfolds a new chapter. They've all been good but I won't be surprised if He's saved the best for last!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simply Amazing!

Temple Daily News

Click here to read all about THS 31-27 victory over S A Churchill.

Though expecting the Wildcats to improve steadily, nothing could have prepared me for their solid performance last night! Wow, doesn't get close to describing the way fans felt while watching these hard working guys play. They moved the ball, completed their assignments and made big plays! They never gave up. In fact, adversity, seemed to intensify their determination. Making the Cats a force to be reckoned with!

Their enthusiasm was contagious, igniting a spark among hopeful spectators and bringing them to their feet... all night long. It was special. A game I'll remember. Convinced this team turned a corner. Started a new chapter and will never be the same. Rest up guys. Your future looks bright.

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  1. Wow what a night!!! It was AWESOME! Growing up in a small west Texas 6man football town, that was what we call a football game! The bands and choir members were icing on the night! Way to go players, coaches and fans!