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Monday, September 12, 2011

Team Work!


I ran across this picture on Facebook and wanted to take the opportunity to thank

THS Principal Jason Bullock. I know Coach Spradlin would be the first to say, that

the Wildcat’s success is a reflection of Dr. Bullock’s commitment to excellence at

Temple High School.  Jason’s exuberance and sincerity is motivating. His leadership,

inspiring.  Coach Spradlin’s optimism is matched in him. Together they make a great team.



It’s all about team. We accomplish very little in life alone, as individuals. Great things

happen when we put our hearts, heads and hands together

with a common goal, for a good cause. Everyone loves a good story…. to be apart of

something big!  That’s why Coach and I already love the Temple Wildcats!


We love the camaraderie and commitment of Wildcat fans. You are true blue.


A big THANKS to TISD Administration, School Board, TISD Staff, Employees, Wildcat Alumni, Fans,

Parents, Students and Community. Each and everyone of you play an irreplaceable role. You are

important. Making a difference, right where you are. We are united.  Together we make a strong team!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on The Football Wife and for joining the Sideline Club. Great pictures from your game! -- Sara @ The Football Wife