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Friday, November 11, 2011


What does lobos mean?

I looked it up.

lobosplural of lo·bo

Noun: (in the southwestern US and Mexico) A timber wolf.

Oh! So, a lobo is a wolf. Whew! I was worried there for a minute. I was afraid that a lobo was something vague and mysterious like a mojo, and I don’t like mojo, but I do like wolves. I mean, I get them. They’re apart of God’s creation… basically a wild dog. A lot like wildcats are wild-cats. So, tomorrow will pretty much be a ‘cat and dog fight’! Right?

Hey! Did you happen to notice the full moon last night? I did! Cassi Dunnam, did too! She pointed it out on the way to Star Hall. We helped Gina Prentiss, Windee Scrabanek, and all their children, plus Julie Haag and Claudia Henandez decorate for the Team Dinner tonight. It was fun! …but back to the full moon.


Anyway, it couldn’t have worked out better for us because everyone knows that wolves act crazy when there is a full moon. Yep! It’s a proven fact. See for yourself.


Yikes! A little scary but it could be a whole lot of fun tomorrow when the hungry, fearless WILDCATS

lineup against the loco Lobos!


Game time is 2:00 in Corsicana. Bring your TEMPLE WILDCAT PRIDE and let the team know you care. MAKE SOME LOUD NOISE!

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