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Sunday, October 9, 2011

History Lesson!


Coach and I go way back! Eighth grade, to be exact. He loved playing football and I cheered.   Here he is back in the day. I know, he looks a little different but I promise  it’s him. I was there.


Many things have changed through the years but that simple truth remains. He loves football and all the relationships and lessons that go with it… and I still love cheering him and ‘his team’ on!


Here is  the 5 inch button pin I bought at the end of the 1971 season. It was an unforgettable season for everyone involved. Coach still talks about it.  In fact, after all these years these guys are getting back together again. I borrowed the following from their Facebook page:

By any standard, an extraordinary group of young men and coaches that took D.W. Carter High School to their first of many winning seasons.
Carter A & M Consolidated
27 0
Carter South Garland
33 0
Carter Adamson
24 0
Carter Roosevelt
56 0
Carter North Dallas - first opponent to score on the Cowboys this season.
45 6
Carter South Oak Cliff - SOC... don't spell nothing!
31 14
Carter Pinkston
33 7
Carter Sunset
42 7
Carter Kimball
23 10
Carter Woodrow Wilson
17 7
Carter W. T. White - City Championship
24 14
Carter Eastern Hills - Regional
21 13
Carter Killeen - Quarter Finals - this was a head knocker between the 20's.
9 0
Carter Wichita Falls - Semi-Finals
7 13."


Here are a few programs I found last week while preparing to wish a very special man ‘happy birthday’!


Coach Don Todd, has played a valuable role in Coach Spradlin’s life. From the eighth grade until present, Coach Todd has inspired and mentored. He has been apart of every milestone of our life. He is the reason Coach Spradlin loves to coach. We are honored to know, respect and know such a man. He is a man who has made a big difference! He has touched thousands of  lives'.

Happy Birthday, to a great man.  We love you! Click here to read more.

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