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Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet Tommy Felts


Pardon me, Wildcat Nation, for the delayed introduction of Coach Tommy Felts! I’m sure many of you wondered why I had neglected to mention this new addition to the Wildcat Coaching Staff.  At first I thought he might be a bit shy, but it turns out his just been too busy!

Football season is a long stretch of long days! Impressive is a coach’s commitment and dedication.


So over the weekend I was able to ask Coach Felts a few questions. When I mentioned him to Coach Spradlin, he had many good things to say about his character, but in addition, he said, “He’s a great guy, coach, teacher and competitor.”

RS- Coach Felts, where did you grow up?                                                                                                                              

TF-  I grew up in Brownwood, TX and played football at Brownwood High School through my sophomore year.  My family moved to Abilene after my sophomore year and I played football at Wylie my last two years of high school.

RS- What other sports do you like?

TF - Football is my first love, but I got a scholarship to run sprints at Texas Tech out of high school so I ran.  I ended up transferring back to Abilene Christian University to run track when Don D. Hood (our pole vault coach at Tech) was hired as ACU's head track coach.  I graduated from ACU in 2008.

RS- Tell me  your coaching experience?                                                                                                           

TF - My first two seasons coaching football (2008-2009) were at Midlothian High School under head coach Robby Clark.  Following the 2009 season I had a great opportunity to work at Ennis High School for a man that I have so much respect for, Sam Harrell.  I was only at Ennis one year, but I'm so grateful for that opportunity and the friendships made during that time. Coach Harrell retired after last season due to health reasons.  A few months after that Coach Spradlin was hired as the new Temple Head Coach. I knew Coach Spradlin through a number of people, one being Coach Harrell.  I had had a few conversations with him prior to last spring. I actually talked to him about a job at Cooper during my final semester at ACU, but he did not have any openings at the time. When the receivers job opened at Temple I jumped at the chance to be a Wildcat.

I count my blessings every day that I am a Temple Wildcat! This is a special place. Great things are going to happen here!

RS- What hobbies do you enjoy?

TF - When I'm not coaching you can usually find me hunting, fishing, or spending time with family.


By the way, Coach Felts is an eligible bachelor.  We coaches wives love to fix up our single guys –so we have more ‘coachettes ‘ to cheer with us!  So ladies, don’t be shy.


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